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Definitely the best Zero Calorie syrup’s I have ever tried. For anyone wanting to diet, Suffers from Diabetes or simply wants to cut out the sugar, I highly recommend you try these amazing Zero Calorie syrups and sweeteners

Aon Saetang
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Syrups and sweeteners without the worries

No matter whether you are trying to lose weight, suffering from diabetes or simply want to cut out the amount of sugar you eat each day,

We love our Zero’s – Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar, Zero Fat, Zero Carbs and Zero Guilt. Our Syrups are a fantastic way to enjoy desserts, cereals, drinks and much more by adding a great flavour to enhance the taste even further. Unlike other syrups containing lots of calories and bad ingredients we use all fully tested ingredients and have spent a long time formulating and perfecting our recipes.

Our Zero Calorie Syrups

All the taste, none of the calories

Who doesn’t know about the Thai Sala flavored syrup? This one has all of the flavor but none of the calories.


This one has all of the taste, none of the calories. Great sweet/sour taste when you want that extra ‘zing’…


Add a few drops of this one to a glass of low fat milk and it tastes just like banana milk shake – no need to add anything extra.


The smell of this one makes the mouth water, just add to a glass of cold water and sip away, just like eating fresh melon on a summers day. It’s also great added to Bingsu.


Who doesn’t like lychee’s? The flavor is great and leaves a fresh taste on the tongue for hours


Can’t decide on what flavor to try? Why not get the full set and you can choose daily.  On offer right now, buy 4 get 1 free.

Achara Sukkasem

“I just wanted to say thank you for our syrups. They tasted amazing and solved our need for a sweet drink whilst continuing on with our weight loss program. Everyone loved the natural taste and no-one could believe that they added so much flavor but were still zero calorie and diet friendly..”